May 24th Agenda

Proposed Agenda:
7:30        Breakfast (Brunch)

8-10        Introductions; top priority issues summary.

10-10:30    Jeff Schiller, IETF Overview
10:30-11    Jim Miller, W3C Overview
11-11:30    [TBD: Burt Kaliski, PKCS Futures or SDSI]
11:30-12:30 Roundtable: X.509v3 and CA stds issues

12:30-1:30  Lunch (Snack)

1:30-2:30   Proposed merger of priority lists
2:30-3:30   Mapping tasks to fora and available resources
3:30-4      Plotting next meeting, press release review

Homework Questions:
Company representatives must be prepared to outline their top prioirty issues  
in the introduction sessions. Participants should also think through their  
business requirements, technological needs, available resources, and  
appropriate fora for standardization.

More detailed guidelines will be sent out soon.

West Coast Site:
Oracle Corporation
200 Oracle Parkway, Box 659410
Redwood Shores, CA  94065
Host: Paul Lambert
Email: palamber@us.oracle.com
Phone: (415) 506-0370

East Coast Site:
MIT/W3 Consortium
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
Host: Rohit Khare       (RSVPs REQUIRED!)
Email: khare@w3.org
Phone: (617) 253-5884

Rohit Khare -- 617/253-5884
Technical Staff, World Wide Web Consortium
NE43-354, MIT LCS, Cambridge, MA 02139