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Good practices in FOAF and RDF documents: use dbpedia URI's

From: Jean-Marc Vanel <jeanmarc.vanel@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 16:05:58 +0100
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To: semantic-web <semantic-web@w3.org>
Use dbpedia URI's everywhere, to foster linking betwen everyrthing.


The idea is to share information about topic interests and competences as
dbpedia URI's , to build a LOD social network .

So, it is time to rejuvenate the original SW idea of a network of FOAF
personal profiles.
Exploiting the links foaf:knows has not been effective. At least not as an
actual practice; as technical possibility of crawling it is indeed
effective. Even in the LOD/OWL/SW community has not been developped as a
practice of publishing one's profile, asking friends their profiles, and
moreover making use of the graph.

I feel that exploiting the links foaf:topic:interest (
http://xmlns.com/foaf/spec/#term_topic_interest) has a good potential of
enabling meaningful discoveries in the LOD global graph. For 2 reasons:

   1. it reveals more of a person potential social interaction, while being
   less personal than foaf:knows
   2. leveraging on the underlying (litteraly) encyclopedic knwoledge
   grazph of dbPedia and Wikidata, plus graph proximity computa

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