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How do I structure files for ontology development?

From: Brent Shambaugh <brent.shambaugh@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2016 20:47:05 -0500
Message-ID: <CACvcBVqqwh88NP=7Xvi3Y7-5DxbOtMec6evh+HT2jRPaQGYnAw@mail.gmail.com>
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Hi all,

I have question about URIs in ontology development. Do terms
referenced in rdf:about need to be dereferenceable?

For an example, I created a file called isp.rdf at
http://data.thespaceplan.com/isp.rdf . Each one of my properties and
classes have the base http://data.thespaceplan.com/isp# . Thus I
created another file called isp with a full path of
http://data.thespaceplan.com/isp .

>From #swig on IRC:

[Thursday, November 24, 2016] [5:39:02 PM EST] <brent_> I have a
question about URIs in ontology development
[Thursday, November 24, 2016] [5:39:11 PM EST] <brent_> I have a file
called x.rdf
[Thursday, November 24, 2016] [5:39:47 PM EST] <brent_> and
rdf:about="x#something" in an xml file
[Thursday, November 24, 2016] [5:41:06 PM EST] <brent_> so I created a
file called x.rdf and a file called x in a directory on my webserver

I lost connection, but I saw this:

[20:29] <poka> it's all implementation-detail minutia, but i personaly
dont use symlinks for doc -> doc.ttl, the symlink resolution actually
takes a noticeable amount of time on crappy hardware with a bunch of
[20:30] <poka> and dumb implementations start returning MIME types of
application/x-symlink or something for the file, you end up with files
without extensions which means other SW will try to sniff it
[20:30] <poka> plus, it's one POSIX feature you can probably do away
with if you arent using a FS backend , or are on some miserable OS
like Windows where a symlink is a "NT Junction" or whatever
[20:31] <poka> using hardlinks all over the place for index containers though
[20:31] <poka> which proably makes deletion harder , but i dont
consider deletion a feature

As an additional question, how would I answer this question if I had
something like http://data.thespaceplan.com/isp/classname with the
http://data.thespaceplan.com/isp/ ?


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