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ESAIR'15 Updated Call for Papers and Demos & New Annotations in Action Track (AiAT) Award

From: Yusra Ibrahim <yibrahim@mpi-inf.mpg.de>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:30:57 +0200
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To: semantic-web@w3.org

8th Workshop on

Exploiting Semantic Annotations for Information Retrieval (ESAIR’15)

in conjunction with CIKM 2015




Annotation in Action Demo Track (AiAT)details:


23 October 2015, Melbourne, Australia


We are excited to announce new details about the "Annotations in Action" 
demo track. The best submissions will have the opportunity to be awarded 
$500 USD and a certificate, sponsored by Google.

The objective of the Annotations in Action Track (AiAT) is to encourage 
new and novel applications of semantic annotations.  By semantic 
annotations we refer to linguistic annotations (such as named entities, 
semantic classes or roles, etc.) as well as user annotations (such as 
micro-formats, RDF, tags, etc.).  The AiAT is an opportunity for 
researchers and software developers to show-off new and innovative 

For example, we encourage the use of recently released annotated web 
corpora: FACC1 <http://lemurproject.org/clueweb12/FACC1/>and FAKBA1 
<http://trec-kba.org/data/fakba1/>with entity annotations.

Example applications areas include:

- Text or speech based dialogue systems

- Automatic question answering systems

- Interactive exploratory search systems

Submissions to the AiAT track must be in the form of a textual 
description of the demonstration to be given at the conference (which 
may include screenshots and must include either a link to the online 
demo or a video presenting it). The submissions must be at most 4 pages 
long including reference list (in ACM SIG format option 2) and submitted 
as PDF.

Important Dates

Regular position papers - July 2nd.

CIKM paper re-submissions - July 8th

Annotations in Action Demo description paper - July 24th

Please submit your paper through the submission website:



Krisztian Balog, University of Stavanger, Norway

Jeffrey Dalton, Google Research, USA

Antoine Doucet, University of La Rochelle, L3i Laboratory, France

Yusra Ibrahim, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbrücken, Germany
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