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Freebase RDF "distro" released.

From: Giovanni Tummarello <g.tummarello@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 15:27:07 +0000
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Hi all

also with the very kind support of the RDF guys at google dev relationship
 (thanks Dan! :)
SindiceTech is happy to announce the availability of our "Freebase
Distribution" in the clouds.

*A Freebase data distribution that's easy to use.*

Freebase is an amazing data resource at the core of Google's "Knowledge
Graph". The entire data on Freebase is available as a simple data dump.

However, using it as a whole is not exactly simple!

The SindiceTech Freebase distribution addresses this by providing all the
Freebase data pre-loaded in a database (more specifically, a
for you to easily query and explore. Further more, you also get a  set of
tools that make it much easier to understand the data as a whole and aid
you in querying the data set.

*Why have all the data locally?*

You basically get your own private freebase instance. This means you that
you can privately query for whatever you want without any limitations on
the complexity of the query. Further more, you can easily combine Freebase
data with your own data sets and query the same in a unified manner. Its a
great start to creating your own "Knowledge
. <http://www.sindicetech.com/>

*On Google Cloud*

The distribution is packaged as a virtual machine snapshot that you can
easily spin up in Google Cloud. Join our Google
follow the instructions to get started and have it up and running in

Official Page, with tool description

*Watch us on Google Developers YouTube channel  *
An interview with us and the nice folks at Google Developer Relationships
is now published on the Google Dev youtube channel. It is about 20m long
and among the other things it also has a screencast of the distribution in

"Making Sense of the Graph"

Questions? want to discuss ideas? we're here to help
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