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Announcement: SHARPn PhenotypePortal 1.0 Release

From: Pathak, Jyotishman, Ph.D. <Pathak.Jyotishman@mayo.edu>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 22:50:27 +0000
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Announcement: SHARPn PhenotypePortal 1.0 Release

The Strategic Health IT Research Project for Secondary Use of Electronic Health Record data (http://sharpn.org<http://sharpn.org/>) is pleased to announce the public release of PhenotypePortal (http://phenotypeportal.org<http://phenotypeportal.org/>). This effort represents a culmination of work by SHARPn members from the High-Throughput Phenotyping (HTP) team at Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, and Agilex Inc. to provide a robust infrastructure for standards-based representation and execution of cohort identification algorithms.

Key features of PhenotypePortal
* Applies Meaningful Use (MU) terminologies and Quality Data Model (Version 2.0) for representation and authoring of cohort definition and phenotyping algorithms
* Uses open-source Common Terminology Services (CTS2) for terminology and value set management
* Uses open-source JBoss Drools business logic integration platform for automated execution of cohort algorithms
* Execution results for MU Stage 2 Eligible Provider and Eligible Hospital Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) validated against Project Cypress
* Leverages Clinical Element Models and cTAKES natural language processing engine for standardized and normalized clinical data representation

Release details
* Documentation and installation instructions: http://docs.phenotypeportal.org<http://docs.phenotypeportal.org/>
* API demonstration: http://api.phenotypeportal.org<http://api.phenotypeportal.org/>
* Virtual Machine image: http://static.phenotypeportal.org/downloads/vm/sharp-htp.ova
* Cypress execution report for MU Stage 2 CQMs: http://api.phenotypeportal.org/executor/cypress/report
* Source code: https://github.com/SHARP-HTP/qdm-phenotyping

For questions, feedback, and bug reports, please contact Jyoti Pathak (Pathak.Jyotishman@mayo.edu<mailto:Pathak.Jyotishman@mayo.edu>).

Best regards,

Jyotishman Pathak, PhD
Associate Professor of Medical Informatics
Director, Data Management Services (DMS) Research Core
Director, Clinical Informatics, Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery (CSHCD)
Division of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics
Department of Health Sciences Research
Mayo Clinic
200 1st Street SW, Rochester, MN 55905
Phone: +1-507-538-8384
Fax: +1-507-284-0360
Email: pathak.jyotishman@mayo.edu<mailto:pathak.jyotishman@mayo.edu>
Homepage: http://jyotishman.info
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