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Triplestore programming

From: Sergei Sheinin <sergei.sheinin@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 22:01:15 +0700
Message-ID: <CA+dTRw=M0utk+mFvu+xuu4GhkJuvG94Tp4GPdGdAamO_S-7tvg@mail.gmail.com>
To: semantic-web@w3.org
SproutPL is a new programming language built atop of EAV data model. Its
database does not contain assumptions about structure of data that it
stores and may store RDF triplets. It enables programming logic to be built
into documents, has internal URIs which are programmatically of lower level
in respect to resource over network identifiers and offers feature-rich
programming functionality. Current version is implemented inside a DBMS
with language interpreter implemented in stored procedures. The entire
platform was designed with EAV at its core and offers functionality
specific to implementation of EAV objects. Its low level syntax is
implemented with key-value pairs offering minute command granularity while
higher level implementations are syntax independent and may be multiple.
Some information about the platform is available in blog
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