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ANNOUNCEMENT: Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.30

From: Dave Beckett <dave@dajobe.org>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 19:17:41 -0800 (PST)
To: 'Semantic Web' <semantic-web@w3.org>
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 		   Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.30

Rasqal is a free software / Open Source C library that handles Resource
Description Framework (RDF) query language syntaxes, query construction
and execution of queries returning results as bindings, boolean, RDF
graphs/triples or syntaxes. The supported query languages are:
   SPARQL 1.0[3], RDQL (will be removed in 0.9.30),
   SPARQL Query 1.1[4], SPARQL Update 1.1[5] (no executing) and
   Experimental SPARQL extensions (LAQRS).
Rasqal can write binding query results in the following formats:
   Turtle / N3
and read them in:
   SPARQL XML, RDF/XML and Turtle / N3.

Rasqal was designed to work closely with the Redland librdf[1] RDF
library and the Raptor[2] RDF Syntax Library but is entirely separate
from both.

This is a beta quality library - the code is mature, the API is
mostly stable but changing slowly.  Rasqal supports all of SPARQL 1.0
query and most of SPARQL 1.1 query.  It is a portable library and has
been tested on multiple POSIX systems and architectures.  Rasqal has
no known memory leaks.

The main changes in this version since the last release 2012-05-13 are:
  * Removed RDQL support as promised. So long and thanks for all the
    queries. Use SPARQL instead.
  * Improved floating equality, comparison and promotion rules.
  * Made other fixes and improvements including fixing reported issues:
    0000506, 0000511, 0000517 and 0000523.

For full details see the Rasqal 0.9.30 release notes at

   MD5    b12c5f9cfdb6b04efce5a4a186b8416b
   SHA256 abf0e93d80cc79bdf383fd3e904255bf98bc729356d6cf2f673bce74b08b1cfd

The Rasqal API reference manual section on API changes at
http://librdf.org/rasqal/docs/api/raptor-changes.html provides
detailed function, enum, macro and type changes.

Rasqal 0.9.30 requires Raptor 2.0.7[2] or newer to provide RDF
syntax, web, XML and URI support.  Optional requirements are a POSIX
regular expression library such as PCRE or one built into the C
library to handle regex matching / replacing; a multi-precision
decimal library such as GNU MP or MPFR for handling XSD decimals;
a UUID library for generating unique IDs.

Binary deb packages for Debian unstable will be made available
later via the standard Debian archive.

The http://librdf.org/ site lets you browse and check out the latest
version of the sources in GIT and try out Rasqal (as part of Redland)
in a web demonstration at http://librdf.org/query and as part of
Triplr http://triplr.org/

For more information on Redland, Raptor or Rasqal please join
the redland-dev list by visiting http://librdf.org/lists/
or visit IRC channel #redland on irc.freenode.net

Issues should be reported to http://bugs.librdf.org/


[1] Redland librdf RDF API library

[2] Raptor RDF Syntax Library

[3] SPARQL Query W3C Recommendation 2008-01-15

[3] SPARQL 1.1 Query W3C Working Draft of 2012-01-05

[4] SPARQL 1.1 Update W3C Working Draft of 2012-01-05
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