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Re: SPARQL Endpoint with Inference support

From: Riccardo Tasso <tasso@elet.polimi.it>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 16:09:41 +0200
Message-ID: <4CA0A5A5.7040209@elet.polimi.it>
To: Andrea Splendiani <andrea.splendiani@bbsrc.ac.uk>
CC: "semantic-web@w3.org" <semantic-web@w3.org>
Grazie Andrea,
     but what if I need to access data from a SPARQL endpoint? Could I 
use Joseki to query two different models (one inferred, and one 
"simple") such that they are based on the same data? Please note that 
I'd like to have the possibility to execute updates too.


On 27/09/2010 15:19, Andrea Splendiani wrote:
> Hi,
> you can also use Jena for this.
> You have a choice of reasoners which you can attach to the RDF model, in
> your case you can use either a minimal "transitive reasoner" and (bits of) a
> rule based reasoner. You can select which rules you want to apply, or choose
> among default configurations.
> If you define your own rules, use backward rules.
> at the SPARQL level, this is completely transparent. But you can change
> reasoners dynamically programmatically if you need.
> ciao,
> Andrea
> Il giorno 22/set/2010, alle ore 12.06, Riccardo Tasso ha scritto:
>> I'm interested in executing SPARQL queries over an endpoint, sometimes
>> with reasoning, sometimes without (dynamically). The reasoning task I
>> need are RDFS plus owl:sameAs. It is also an interesting question to me,
>> wheter a SPARQL query could specify if the results should contain
>> inferred triples or not.
>> Do you know a triple store, possibly supporting named graphs, suitable
>> to my needs?
>> Thanks,
>>      Riccardo
> Andrea Splendiani
> Senior Bioinformatics Scientist
> Centre for Mathematical and Computational Biology
> +44(0)1582 763133 ext 2004
> andrea.splendiani@bbsrc.ac.uk
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