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Re: Eating your own dog food and inviting others to dinner

From: Brandon Schwartz <brandon@boomajoom.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 08:25:35 -0800
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I've been subscribed to the semantic web mailing list for a few months.
Mainly I've lurked; I don't have any formal computer science training, and
instead I focus on internet marketing (SEO, PPC, ad placement) and web
design.  I've been trying to get up to speed on the semantic web since I
feel that any internet marketing effort has to be concerned with data
management and sharing.  The good internet marketer also needs to understand
the science behind the internet in order to be successful.

I'm just starting out and I'll be the first to admit that I don't have as
good of a grasp on the semantic web or even internet marketing as others
do.  However, I'm passionate about this stuff, want to learn more, and would
be willing to help out in any way the group sees fit.

Brandon | http://www.boomajoom.com
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On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 7:59 AM, ProjectParadigm-ICT-Program <
metadataportals@yahoo.com> wrote:

>   Eating your own dog food and inviting others to dinner is not the
> exclusive domain of software engineers only, as I discovered when trying to
> come up with a new paradigm for building online communities with social
> search capabilities for selected sectors industry or civil society.
> So it got me thinking about linked data and the semantic web, based on the
> contents I have seen in emails from the past two years from the two mailing
> lists fro the W3C to which I subscribe and read every single day
> One of the biggest problems we seem to have in getting linked data and the
> semantic web to the main public is that "we" i.e. its promoters,
> aficionados, gurus and developers and dedicated users  are scattered all
> over the place and on the internet.
> Has anyone ever given thought to creating a portal site, which combines
> some features of LinkedIn.com and Arxiv.org with online directories, product
> exhibits and a "social search engine"?
> And of course there would be the links to everything.
> And the whole darn thing would be an excellent launching pad for new
> start-ups and information hub for angel and corporate investors to hunt for
> new projects to fund.
> Build it and they will come.
> Is there any way we can get a collection of interested professionals,
> existing groups and initiatives together to dream up the design and blue
> print for such a thing and then build it?
> Milton Ponson
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> Project Paradigm: A structured approach to bringing the tools for
> sustainable development to all stakeholders worldwide by creating ICT
> tools for NGOs worldwide and: providing online access to web sites and
> repositories of data and information for sustainable development
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