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A gentle reminder: Call for Workshop/Tutorial Proposals: WIMS'11

From: Rajendra Akerkar <rak@vestforsk.no>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 11:24:32 +0100
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[Apologies if you receive this more than once. Kindly disseminate the
WIMS'11 call in any lists you subscribe, and among your colleagues and

*International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics
Sogndal, Norway (May 25-27, 2011)

*Call for Workshop Proposals*

The WIMS'11 international program committee invites proposals for workshops.
The accepted workshops from this call will be included in the WIMS'11 main

Workshop proposals must provide a forum for discussion in areas of special
interest within the broader sense of web intelligence/web mining/web
semantics. Suggested topics include, but not limited to:

Semantics-driven information retrieval
Semantic agent systems
Semantic data search
Interaction paradigms for semantic search
Evaluation of semantic search
User interfaces
Web mining
Ubiquitous computing
Semantic deep Web and intelligent e-Technology
Representation techniques for Web-based knowledge
Quality of Life Technology for Web Document Access
Rule markup languages and systems
Semantic 3D media and content
Scalability vs. expressivity of reasoning on the Web
Web Data Management
Ontology Engineering
Collaborative Web Agents
Human Web Interaction

The organisers of successful workshops will be responsible for their own
reviewing process, website, and to co-ordinate the collection and delivery
of camera ready material and ACM copyright transfer. Accepted papers in
workshops will be published in the WIMS'11 proceedings and disseminated
through the ACM Digital Library. Selected extended papers will be invited to
appear in a special issues of reputed journals in the field.

Proposals should be not more than 4 pages in length, should be in text or
PDF format. It should contain the following information:
A title of the workshop
Name, affiliation, postal address and email of contact person
Names and affiliations of organisers
A 150 word abstract
Aims and scope
Important dates
Description of the proposed workshop
Duration of the workshop (half day, full day etc.)

Submissions will be considered if they are received by 23:59, *December 15th
2010*, Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time).

*Please send your enquiries and workshop proposals directly to* The Chair,
Program Committee (wims11@vestforsk.no)

*Call for Tutorial Proposals*

WIMS'11 also welcomes Tutorial and/or Demonstration proposals. WIMS'11 will
include tutorials and/or demonstrations (on new applications) providing
in-depth background on subjects that are of broad interest to the Web mining
and Web semantics community. This track aims to foster interaction and
collaboration among participating practitioners and academics, and to
provide developers with a place to showcase new practical implementations of
state-of-the-art systems in the areas of interest to the Web Intelligence
and Semantics community.

The tutorials will be part of the main conference technical program.
Proposal papers must be no less than 3 pages and no more than 12 pages, and
must provide a sense of both the scope of the tutorial and depth within the

First page of the proposals should include contact information (name, email,
address, telephone number, and FAX number) and a brief bio of the
presenters. If the proposed tutorial has been given previously, the proposal
should include where the tutorial has been given and how it will be modified
for WIMS'11. The intended length of the tutorial (1 or 2 or 3 hours) should
also be indicated, together with justification that a high-quality
presentation will be achieved within the chosen time period and the
indication of the main learning outcomes.

Demonstrations will be an opportunity for showcasing innovative Semantic Web
related implementations and technologies.

Submitted tutorial/demonstration papers will be reviewed prior to
publication, and may be rejected for publication, if either the technical
quality of the paper is insufficient or the content of the paper does not
match the content of the tutorial. Tutorial/Demonstration papers will be
published in the conference proceedings as part of the ACM International
Proceedings Series and will be disseminated through the ACM Digital Library.

Please note that the submission format is MS Word or PDF. The proposal must
be written in English and formatted according to the ACM guidelines. Author
instructions and style files can be downloaded at


Submissions will be considered if they are received by 23:59, *December 15th
2010*, Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time).

*Tutorial proposals must be sent to *Robert Engels (E-mail:
robert.engels@esis.no) *and copy to *wims11@vestforsk.no
Vestlandsforsking, PO Box 163, NO-6851 SOGNDAL, NORWAY
Phone: +47 916 85 607
Fax: +47 947 63 727
E-mail: wims11@vestforsk.no
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Please visit the official conference website for further information:
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