Dear all,

while designing Explorator [1], where one can explore one or more triple repositories that provide SPARQL enpoints (as well as direct URI dereferencing), I found the following question, to which I don't really know the answer...

For the sake of this discussion, I'm considering only such sites, i.e., those that provide SPRQL enpoints.
For a given URI r, is there any relation between the triples I get when I dereference it directly, as opposed to  querying the SPARQL enpoint for all triples <r, ?p, ?o> ?  Should there be (I could also get <?s, ?p, r>, for example) ?
For sites such as dbpedia I believe that I get the same set of triples. But I believe this is not a general behavior.
Should there be a good practice about this for LoD sites that provide SPARQL endpoints?
At the very least, perhaps this could also be described in the semantic sitemap.xml, no?


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