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Call for Papers - IPM Special Issue on Managing and Mining Multilingual Documents

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Information Processing & Management

Special Issue on

Managing and Mining Multilingual Documents



Due to the popularity of the World Wide Web and the advance of Internet
search engines, information in many different languages is accessible online
nowadays. For example, one can easily access news stories in real time in
over 30 languages on the Web. The number of non-English documents on the Web
is growing faster than it was ten years ago due to the significant growth of
Internet user population in developing countries. Although it is convenient
to obtain multilingual information, these online documents are usually
organized or managed in each language separately. Internet search engines
provide hierarchical directories of documents for each language at
independent portals even if these portals are provided by the same
organization. We seldom find any hierarchical directory that provides
multilingual classification. The lack of coordination among documents in
different languages makes it inefficient for multilingual users to identify
resources in multiple languages. Users are required to search by each
language and concatenate the results. Such searching process is redundant
and time consuming. 


Furthermore, in global business environments, mining knowledge from text in
a single language may not provide sufficient support to knowledge workers.
We often need to integrate multilingual text before applying text mining
techniques or integrate the knowledge discovered from text in different
languages for obtaining global knowledge. For example, opinion mining from
the Web requires multilingual text mining because user opinions are
available in different languages from all over the world. Hence, there is an
urge need for advanced techniques in managing and mining multilingual


Many research efforts have been put on cross-lingual information retrieval
in the last decade. Such research attention mainly focuses on how to cross
the language boundary. However, relatively less effort has been made on
coordinating multilingual resources in a unified manner. It is an important
area to be explored such that we can fully utilize the multilingual
resources for better knowledge management. In this special issue, we solicit
high-quality, innovative papers addressing the broad research area of
managing and mining multilingual documents. All submissions should be
original work not published elsewhere. Special topics of interest include,
but are not limited to, the following:

- Poly-lingual text classification

- Cross-lingual text classification

- Multilingual document clustering

- Cross-lingual category integration

- Multilingual ontology learning or integration

- Cross-lingual thesaurus

- Parallel/comparable corpus mining

- Machine translation

- Cross-lingual question answering

- Multilingual event detection

- Multilingual Web mining

- Opinion mining from multilingual documents

- Multilingual Web social network mining


Inquiries can be made to the guest editor(s) at
chris.yang@ischool.drexel.edu. Manuscript should be submitted to the
Information Processing & Management online submission system at
http://ees.elsevier.com/ipm/. The deadline for submission is April 3, 2009.
All manuscripts will be reviewed by a selected panel of referees, and those
accepted will be published in a special issue of IPM. Original artwork and a
signed copy of the copyright release form will be required for all accepted


Additional inquiries should be sent to the guest editors:

Dr. Christopher C. Yang

College of Information Science and Technology

Drexel University

Philadelphia, PA, USA 

Email: chris.yang@ischool.drexel.edu


Dr. Chih-Ping Wei

Institute of Service Science

National Tsing Hua University

Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC

Email: cpwei@mx.nthu.edu.tw


Dr. Lee-Feng Chien

Google Taiwan R&D Center 

Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

Email: lfchien@google.com



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