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[FYI] Deadline extended: 1st Workshop on the Economics of Knowledge-based Technologies (ECONOM 2009)

From: Tobias Bürger <tobias.buerger@sti2.at>
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 10:40:41 +0100
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                         3rd CALL FOR PAPERS

1st Workshop on the Economics of Knowledge-based Technologies (ECONOM 2009)
                         in conjunction with
12th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2009)

                           Poznan, Poland
                           April 29, 2009



             Deadline for submissions: March 8, 2009 (extended)


Knowledge-based technologies use machine-understandable formalizations 
of expert knowledge to realize scalable,
robust and economically feasible approaches and to support knowledge 
management, information integration or
intelligent search. In order to encourage the wide industrial uptake of 
knowledge-based technologies, instruments
to assess potential economic benefits of these technologies and to 
predict the total costs of their development
and deployment are a must.

CIOs are starting to acknowledge the technical value of knowledge-based 
technologies for enterprises. In the
last years early adopters have been increasingly using them in various 
application settings ranging from content
management to enterprise integration platforms. Core technological 
building blocks and development platforms are
meanwhile available from established vendors. Despite this promising 
position, it is still difficult to argue in
favor of knowledge-based technologies in front of the CFOs because of 
the lack of convincing measurable benefits
or of proven-and-tested methods to determine and quantify these.

This workshop addresses economic aspects of knowledge-based 
technologies. This includes the assessment of their
potential business value, more precisely the costs and benefits of their 
application, and qualitative and
quantitative methods therefor. We are interested in original research 
looking into the aforementioned aspects
for both knowledge-based systems and knowledge structures (i.e., 
ontologies, taxonomies, folksonomies) supporting
these systems.

The goal of the workshop is to provide a communication platform for 
researchers to discuss ideas and results and
to identify new challenges in the areas of economics and knowledge-based 
technologies. The workshop is also intended
to be a networking event for participants from the industry willing to 
share their experiences on the adoption of
knowledge-based technologies in enterprises.


* Methods to estimate costs and/or benefits of introducing 
knowledge-based technologies into enterprise environments.
* Methods to estimate return on investment in knowledge-based 
technologies in terms of their potential business value.
* Methods to estimate benefits of knowledge-based technologies in 
enterprise architectures.
* Methods to measure efficiency gains through knowledge-based technologies.
* Cost and benefit analysis of knowledge structures such as ontologies, 
taxonomies or folksonomies.
* Evaluation criteria and methods to assess the quality and to compare 
alternative technological solutions.
* Incentives for knowledge-based content creation.
* Empirical studies on the usage of knowledge-based technologies.
* Business strategies for the introduction of knowledge-based technologies.


* Long papers: max. 12 pages
* Work-in-progress reports: max. 6 pages
* Position papers: max. 4 pages

Papers must be submitted in PDF format according to Springer LNBIP 
template available from

Submission system is available at 

Papers approved for presentation at ECONOM 2009 will be published in BIS 
2009 workshop proceedings, as a volume in Springer's
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) series.

ECONOM 2009 will consist of a keynote talk, two sessions for 
presentation of accepted papers, and a moderated panel discussion
integrating the workshop participants. The panel discussion will include 
the invited speaker and 3-4 other participants from
academia and industry.

* March 8, 2009 - submission deadline for papers (extended)
* March 22, 2009 - notification of acceptance/rejection
* April 07, 2009 - submission of final papers
* April 29, 2009 - the workshop


* Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck, University of 
Innsbruck, Austria (http://www.sti-innsbruck.at)
* Poznan University of Economics, Department of Information Systems, 
Poland (http://kie.ae.poznan.pl/)
* Detecon International GmbH, Germany (http://www.detecon.com)


* Elena Simperl
* Tobias Buerger
* Agata Filipowska
* Christoph Tempich

PROGRAM COMMITTEE (to be extended)

Nicholas King, British Telecom, UK
Jose-Manuel Gomez-Perez, ISOCO, Spain,
Robert Tolksdorf, Free University Berlin, Germany
María del Carmen Suárez-Figueroa, UPM, Madrid
Marek Kowalkiewicz, SAP, Australia
Ozelin Lopez, XimetriX Network Thoughts, Spain
Marco Zapletal, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Ronald Maier, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Roberta Cuel, University of Trento, Italy
Astrid Giernalczyk, Research Institute for Operations Management, RWTH 
Aachen, Germany
York Sure, SAP, Germany
Darijus Strasunskas, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


Dipl.-Inf. Univ. Tobias Bürger

STI Innsbruck
University of Innsbruck, Austria

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