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ACM/IFIP/USENIX 9th International Middleware Conference December 1-5, 2008,
Leuven, Belgium

A Program Overview is posted at http://middleware2008.cs.kuleuven.be/overview.php
A Detailed Program is posted at http://middleware2008.cs.kuleuven.be/details.php
Accepted papers are psoted at   http://middleware2008.cs.kuleuven.be/accepted.php


Posters and Demos:
    * Please note that we are still accepting submissions for posters and demos 
      until October 1.

Key Notes:
    * Alfred Spector, Google: Distributed Computing at Multidimensional Scale
    * Willy Zwaenepoel, EPFL: 2P, DSM, and Other Products of the Complexity Factory

The Middleware conference is a forum for the discussion of important
innovations and recent advances in the design, construction and uses of
middleware. Middleware is distributed-systems software that resides between
the applications and the underlying operating systems, network protocol
stacks, and hardware. Its primary role is to functionally bridge the gap
between application programs and the lower-level hardware and software
infrastructure in order to coordinate how application components are
connected and how they interoperate.

Following the success of past conferences in this series, the 9th
International Middleware Conference will be the premier event for middleware
research and technology in 2008. The scope of the conference is the design,
implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed system platforms
and architectures for future computing and communication environments.
Highlights of the conference will include a high quality technical program,
invited speakers, an industrial track, poster and demo presentations, a
doctoral symposium, and workshops.

The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

Platforms and Architectures:

    * Middleware for Web services and Web-service composition
    * Middleware for cluster and grid computing
    * Peer-to-peer middleware solutions
    * Event-based, publish/subscribe, and message-oriented middleware
    * Communication protocols and architectures
    * Middleware for ubiquitous and mobile computing
    * Middleware for embedded systems and sensor networks
    * Middleware for next generation telecommunication platforms
    * Semantic middleware
    * Service-oriented architectures
    * Standard middleware architectures
    * Reconfigurable, adaptable, and reflective middleware approaches

Systems issues:

    * Advanced middleware support for high confidence dynamic integrated systems
    * Reliability, fault tolerance, and quality-of-service in general
    * Scalability of middleware: replication and caching
    * Systems management, including solutions for autonomic and self-managing middleware
    * Middleware feedback control solutions for self-regulation
    * Real-time solutions for middleware platforms
    * Information assurance and security
    * Evaluation techniques for middleware solutions
    * Middleware support for multimedia streaming
    * Middleware solutions for (large scale) distributed databases

Design principles and tools:

    * Formal methods and tools for designing, verifying, and evaluating middleware
    * Model-driven architectures
    * Software engineering for middleware
    * Engineering principles and approaches for middleware
    * Novel development paradigms, APIs, and languages
    * Existing paradigms revisited: object models, aspect orientation, etc.
    * On-the-fly management and configuration of middleware
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