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[ANN] Open Knowledge Foundation and Conference

From: Sören Auer <auer@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 05:05:13 -0500
Message-ID: <479EFA59.2030205@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>
To: semantic-web@w3c.org

Hi all,

I would like to draw your attention on Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN 
[1]) and their annual workshop/conference OKCON in March in London (see 
attached announcement and [2]). The Semantic Web lays the technical 
foundation for a Web of open data, information and knowledge and the 
London based OKFN (founded in 2004) aims at promoting and protecting 
open knowledge. I think both (Open Knowledge and the Semantic Web) 
complement each other perfectly. Maybe someone is in the greater London 
area at the time and interested to join the discussion with the Open 
Knowledge community and/or present some Semantic Web tools and technologies.



[1] http://okfn.org
[2] http://www.okfn.org/okcon/

Subject: OKCon 2008: London School of Economics, 15th March 2008

# OKCon 2008 - 'Applications and Services'
# London School of Economics
# 15th March 2008
# home: <http://www.okfn.org/okcon/>
# wiki: <http://www.okfn.org/wiki/okcon2008/>

In the past few years we've witnessed the rise of web-based services - 
from social networking sites to online spreadsheet packages. While we 
have definitions for open software and open knowledge, what is an open 
service? What kinds of new services can be built using open knowledge?

We've seen the growth of successful open knowledge projects - from peer 
reviewed journals to community edited encyclopaedias - but what impact 
can open licensing have in education, research and commerce? Does open 
licensing have benefits for researchers?
Is sharing the key to scaling? What kinds of business models are 
available to open knowledge distributors? How is open knowledge applied 
in different institutional and professional contexts?

There now exists a vast amount of open content and data. What tools are 
available to analyse and represent this wealth of material? How can we 
sort, search, store it to increase its availability and visibility?

The second Open Knowledge conference will bring together individuals and 
groups from across the open knowledge spectrum for a day of seminars and 
workshops around the theme of 'Applications and Services'. Three main 
sessions will focus on 'Transport and Environment', 'Visualization and 
Analysis' and 'Education'.

We are currently welcoming submissions and suggestions. If you are 
interested in giving a paper, facilitating or otherwise helping out, 
please contact info [at] okfn [dot] org. We also encourage early 
registration as space is limited!
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