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*             SAMT 2008 - CALL FOR WORKSHOPS                  *
*            3rd International Conference on                  *
*        Semantics And digital Media Technologies             *
*           Koblenz, Germany, 3-5 December 2008               *

In cooperation with ACM, IEEE, and Eurographics.

SAMT 2008 invites proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction
with the Third International Conference on Semantics And digital
Media Technology. Workshops will be held on Wednesday, December 3,
2008, before the start of the main technical program.

Objectives and Topics

As the volume of multimedia material grows, so do the problems of
managing of distribution and access to multimedia content. The SAMT
conference series addresses these problems from the perspective of
semantics and pragmatics of multimedia generation, management and
user access. As well as research papers, the conference programme
also includes workshops and tutorials.

The purpose of the SAMT workshops programme is to provide a platform
for presenting and exchanging research ideas in a less formal and
possibly more focused way than the conference itself. They should
stimulate and facilitate an atmosphere of active and constructive
exchange on current issues of interest. They also offer a good
opportunity for young researchers to present their work and to
obtain feedback from an interested community.

We are seeking proposals for workshops that will encourage discussions
on how to bridge the gap between low-level data representations
used in media such as computer graphics, images, and audio, and
the high-level meaning that content providers and users associate
with multimedia content. In particular, from a content perspective,
we encourage workshops that: i) investigate the use and application
of technologies for improving multimedia access and processing; ii)
explore best practices and adaptation of those technologies in these
contexts. These workshops are expected to complement those that
focus on fundamental research issues and multi-disciplinary topics.

Workshop proposals should address current issues related to semantics
and digital media that will benefit from the small-group format that
workshops provide for information exchange and discussion. Workshops
are intended to be genuine interactive events and not mini-conferences.
We strongly encourage workshop submissions on falling within the main
six main themes of the conference:

 1) Semantic Analysis and Multimedia
 2) Semantic Retrieval and Multimedia
 3) Semantic Metadata Management of Multimedia
 4) Semantic User Interfaces for Multimedia
 5) Semantics in Visualization and Computer Graphics
 6) Applications of Semantic Multimedia

Submitting a Proposal

Workshop proposals should be no more than 3 pages in length and should
contain the following information:

 1) The title and brief description of the workshop, specifying the
    goals and the technical issues that it will focus on. How relevant
    and significant this workshop is to the conference.
 2) A brief description of why and to whom the workshop is of interest,
    and the expected range of number of participants.
 3) A brief description of the proposed workshop format, discussing the
    mix of events such as paper presentations, invited talks, panels,
    and general discussion.
 4) An indication of whether the workshop should be considered for a
    half-day or full-day meeting.
 5) Links to relevant material, related workshops or similar events,
    project web sites etc.
 6) The names and contact information (web page, email address) of the
    proposed organizing committee, short description of their relevant
    experience and short CVs.

We strongly advise having more than one organizer, preferably from
different institutions, bringing different perspectives to the workshop
topic. Workshop attendees will have to pay the SAMT 2008 workshop
registration fee, and also register and attend the main SAMT 2008
conference. The organizer(s) of approved workshops will be responsible
for advertising their workshop and for the reviewing process for
their workshop's papers.

Please send your proposals by 15 May 2008 and any inquiries by email to
the Workshop Chairs. The submission templates and instructions can be
downloaded from the conference web page http://samt2008.uni-koblenz.de


The 3-day-conference gives us the opportunity to take part in various
additional activities such as: industrial exhibition, social events,
excursions, etc. The conference will take place in Koblenz, a
2000-year-old town situated in the picturesque landscape of the Rhine
and Moselle. The region of Koblenz is also famous for its excellent

For more information please visit the conference web site:


Important Dates

Proposals         May 15
Notification      May 30
Submissions       August 31
Notifications     October 5
Camera-ready      October 26
Workshop Day      December 3

Workshops Chairs

Prof. Fabio Ciravegna, University of Sheffield, UK
Prof. David Duce, Oxford Brooks University, UK
Email: samt-workshop-chair@uni-koblenz.de
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