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Re: Universal Ontology book

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Azamat! You prehempted me with this
I was going to post a link to the lists...
On behalf of the ontology community, congratulations.
Having read the drafts, I anticipate this is fundamental piece of work, 
not likely to be immediately universally understood.
I volunteer to help you produce a digest version of the main topics
to be made available as open content, and anticipate working on it for  a long time ahead
across a variety of fields. 
And look forward to presentations, papers and the lot, right?


Paola Di Maio

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  Dear SW and KWeb members,

  Whoever interested in the fundamentals of standard ontology and knowledge 
  systems  can now satisfy his curiosity by ordering the book:
  ''Reality, Universal Ontology and Knowledge Systems: Towards the Intelligent 

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