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ANN: ARC 2 preview release

From: Benjamin Nowack <bnowack@semsol.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 18:39:04 +0100
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Message-ID: <PM-GA.20071128183904.E4B48.1.1D@semsol.com>


I'm happy to soft-announce an entirely new ARC release[1]. ARC is 
a flexible RDF system for semantic web and PHP practitioners. It's
open-source, easy to use, and runs in most web server environments.

ARC v2 is based on feedback I received during the last years, 
it has now become an integrated and more stable toolkit that 
provides components for a wide range of RDF specs, trends, 
and tasks:

 * ConNeg-capable Web Reader
 * Parsers for RDF/XML, Turtle, SPARQL, HTML Tag Soup
 * RDF-from-HTML Extractors for DC, eRDF, RDFa, OpenID Hooks, 
   several microformats (more to come) 
 * Serializers for N-Triples, RDF/XML, Turtle, RDF/JSON[2]
 * RDF Storage via SPARQL (read) and SPARQL+[3] (write), including
   a compliant HTTP Endpoint class
 * Resource-centric and triple-centric PHP structures
 * FP/IFP-based Consolidator
 * Turtle Templates[4]

This is a preview version, some components are still incomplete or
missing. They will be enhanced and added during the coming weeks 
(esp. a store optimizer for improved performance and scalability). 

I've set up a couple of tools to provide support and gather 
early feedback[5]. Any questions, bug reports, and suggestions
to improve ARC on its way to the final release are more than 


[1] http://arc.semsol.org/download
[2] http://n2.talis.com/wiki/RDF_JSON_Specification
[3] http://arc.semsol.org/docs/v2/sparql+
[4] http://arc.semsol.org/docs/v2/misc/turtle_templates
[5] http://arc.semsol.org/community

Benjamin Nowack

semsol web semantics
Bielefelder Str. 5
40468 Duesseldorf, Germany

fon: +49.211.7316824
fax: +49.211.1587107

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