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ANN: RAP - RDF API for PHP 0.9.5 released

From: Chris Bizer <chris@bizer.de>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 16:08:11 +0200
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To: <semantic-web@w3.org>, <rdfapi-php-interest@lists.sourceforge.net>

Hi all,

we released RAP - RDF API for PHP 0.9.5 today.

The new release includes:

1. A reimplementation of the SPARQL query engine which is much faster, 
supports the complete W3C SPARQL specification, passes all SPARQL test 
cases, and fixes the security problems of the old engine.
2. An improved SPARQL client library which solves several bugs of the old 
3. Several other bug fixes.

The new version can be downloaded from the RAP website

Lots of thanks to Christian Weiske (Universitšt Leipzig) for all the great 
work that he has put into the new SPARQL engine.



Chris Bizer
Freie Universitšt Berlin
+49 30 838 54057
Received on Monday, 4 June 2007 14:09:28 UTC

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