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Re: [ontolog-forum] Terminology Question concerning Web Architecture and LinkedData

From: richard murphy <rick@rickmurphy.org>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 17:43:16 -0400
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Azmat, John & All:

the similarities between real meaning and formal methods are striking, 
consider how we've shaped much of information theory in the image of 
this quote from a little over 100 years ago ...

There is the Intentional Interpretant, which is a determination of the 
mind of the utterer; the Effectional Interpretant, which is a 
determination of the mind of the interpreter, and the Communicational 
Interpretant, or say Cominterpretant, which is a determination of that 
mind into which the minds of the utterer and the interpreter have to be 
fused in order that any communication should take place. This mind may 
be called the commons. It consists off all that is an must be, well 
understood between the utter and interpreter, at the outset, in order 
that the sign in question should fulfill its function. This I proceed to 

			- Charles Sanders Peirce, Spring 1906

How close the semantic web ( circa 2007 )comes to information theory, is 
a different issue ...

Best wishes,


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Azamat wrote:
> John,
> WE both see that the mechanisms of intelligence and intelligent behavior 
> consist in finding out what is Real Meaning and how it can be embodied in 
> computing machines. Pat is inclined to say (what i repeated many times) that 
> formal meaning has nothing to do with Real Semantic Web;. Or, no 
> understanding of real meanings, no real world semantic applications.
> I believe that this issue must be the main point  where we need to 
> concentrate our attention.
> Azamat
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>>That is true of pure mathematics of any kind.  As Bertrand Russell
>>said, "Mathematics may be defined as the subject where we never know
>>what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true."
>>>"Formal meaning is just a mathematical curiosity and has nothing to
>>>do with Real Meanings (the kind that really Matter in Human Discourse
>>>in Society, or whatever), so whenever any formal inferences are done,
>>>the formal conclusions lose all their Real Meaning and are just
>>>mathematical curiosities of no real significance, devoid of any Real
>>>Meaning content outside some narrow abstract mathematical domain."
>>In order to applicable to reality, structures in the hypothesis
>>of the argument must be mapped to the entities of interest in
>>the subject matter of interest.
>>If you do so and if the mapping has a one-to-one correspondence
>>with the entities of interest, then you can be certain that
>>the corresponding parts of the conclusion will also have a
>>one-to-one mapping to the subject matter.
>>That is the essence of all inference, formal or informal.
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