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Re: [ontolog-forum] Editor COE view of a new list of categories

From: Azamat <abdoul@cytanet.com.cy>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 21:22:09 +0300
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John Sowa wrote: ''OWL is a very simple language, which just represents 

I have to agree on this statement. Moreover it has nothing to do with a real 
ontology, being just a formal logical language, thus coming as a rather 
ineffective standard language for ''processing the semantic information 
about the world'', bringing more confusion than clarity. It is troubling 
that many developers still building their applications on this shaky 
standard foundation.
Although I had better impression about the language than it had been 
published, expecting more sophisticated development to ground the formalism 
to reality.

Azamat Abdoullaev
EIS Intelligent Systems LTD
Paphos, CYPRUS; Moscow, RUSSUA

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From: "John F. Sowa" <sowa@bestweb.net>
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> Gary,
> In what way "humbling"?
> > Pretty enlightening and humbling to see the categories
> > in this understandable graphic.
> OWL is a very simple language, which just represents triples.
> The elements of those triples may be uninterpreted strings or
> pointers to combinations of triples that ultimately reduce to
> uninterpreted strings.
> In choosing OWL (and many other languages), people are following
> a time-honored principle that has dominated the choice of computer
> languages and systems for the past 50 years:
>    If you have a problem that you don't fully understand,
>    choose a system that you don't fully understand and
>    hope that it will magically solve the problem.
> This is called a "hope-based approach".  It is the foundation
> for many projects, which I shall not name.
> John
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