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Semantic Web and Search Results

From: <ceo@astra-design.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 20:03:08 +0300
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Hi! I have read a lot of sites, posts etc about the Semantic Web. I truly think that the Semantic Web is something which will revolutionary change the underlying concepts of the current web. In relation to search results, it will make them filled with semantics and the end user will finally get from the search engine the results they were hoping to get. But what is unclear to me is - and I'll be greatly appreciated if you tell me - what is required for an ordinary website to meet the semantic web's guidelines. In other words, what should the webmasters do with the html-code of their site for it to correspond to the semantic web? 

Another thing is, will the search engines make some tweaks in their algorithm to correspond to the semantic web? And if yes, when do you think it will happen? 


For the time being these are the main questions I have. But more will come..;-) Look forward to hearing back from you.


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