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Re: Remarks and questions about XQ Update Facility test suite

From: Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@redhat.com>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 16:44:22 -0400
Message-ID: <48372CA6.2000107@redhat.com>
To: Xavier Franc <xfranc@online.fr>
CC: Andrew Eisenberg <andrew.eisenberg@us.ibm.com>, public-xqts-comments@w3.org

Excellent - thanks for sending these Xavier! As you know, results like 
these really help us make the case that our specification should 
progress. I assume we can put these results on our public test results page?


Xavier Franc wrote:
> Hello Jonathan,
> my apologies too for the delay in responding to you, this is not 
> retalation :-)
> I was just waiting to be ready to provide results for the new version 
> Qizx 2.1
> which supports the XQuery Update Facility 1.0.
> Pleas find attached these results.
> Concerning my previous remarks/questions, I completely understands 
> your reasons.
> best regards
> Xavier
> Jonathan Robie wrote:
>> Andrew Eisenberg wrote:
>>> > - it would be nice to have a zip distribution of the XQUF TS.
>>> I'll ask Jonathan to comment on this.
>> First off, Xavier, my apologies, I just check and I see that I failed 
>> to respond to an earlier inquiry from you.
>> So far, I've been resisting suggestions to create a zip distribution 
>> because most developers are able to use source code control systems, 
>> which are a better way to develop a test suite collaboratively, and I 
>> don't want to have to worry about whether a zip distribution is out 
>> of sync with the source code repository. If enough people give me a 
>> good reason that the source code control system does not work for 
>> them, I may change my mind, but I'm reluctant to provide a zip 
>> without a really good reason.
>>> > - Is there a plan to publish a result page like for XQuery ?
>>> You'll find our early results in 
>>> http://dev.w3.org/2007/xquery-update-10-test-suite/results/.
>> And your results would be very welcome.
>> Jonathan
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