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Re: xpath/xpath1

From: Syd Bauman <Syd_Bauman@Brown.edu>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 10:23:34 -0500
Message-ID: <17305.41334.322828.946639@emt.wwp.brown.edu>
To: public-xpointer-registry@w3.org
Cc: Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>

First, Henry thank you very much for sending a copy of this (and the
previous) mail to me -- I don't know why my subscription to the list
hadn't gone through, but I think it's fixed now. I've also just now
read Simon's post of Mon 28 Nov, and so this is in part a reply to
that, too.

I've only taken a quick look at Simon's xpath1() scheme, but my gut
instinct is that TEI would be happy to see it used used instead of
our xpath() scheme. 

We also are very happy *not* to be the body that defines the xpath(),
xpath1(), or xpath2() schemes ... we just want to ensure that
*somebody* does.

That is, we would not be upset to see either

a) our xpath() scheme name declined for registration, so long as
   Simon's xpath1() becomes registered; or

b) our xpath() scheme name changed to xpath1() in the registry
   (we'll change the documentation to match).

SSL> You could probably make xpath1 and xpath synonyms without
SSL> breaking anything, but someone should probably think about that.

I'd be inclined to say it would be better to agree on one name or the
other. Personally, I don't care which it is.

HT> I'm wondering whether using 'xpath' as a scheme name for only
HT> XPath v. 1 paths will be seen to be downright wrong in due
HT> course, or just misleading. . .

Unless one imagines that there should be an xpath() scheme that
accepts any of XPath 1, 2, 3, ... X arguments, I don't think use of
xpath(), xpath2(), xpath3() is even likely to be that misleading, but
also don't think there's much point in taking that chance. 

It will be misleading to have xpath1() if there never is an XPath 2,
3, or 4. If W3C is confident that XPath 2 will become a full-fledged
recommendation, then I think I'd even prefer to go with xpath1().
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