ACTION-779 - Review test cases for 1.1 and summarize which are missing


This table shows what tests are specified in the 1.1 test cases ( and what needs to be added to test 2.0
Section Specification 1.1 Testcase Needs Development for 2.0
XML Signature Syntax and Processing Version 2.0
3.2.1 XML Signature 2.0 Algorithm Identifiers and Implementation Requirements Canonicalization Required Canonical XML 2.0 1.1 tests
Required: XML Signature 2.0 Transform 1.1 tests
Required XML Documents or Fragments
1.1 tests
Required External Binary Data
1.1 tests
Required Selection of Binary Data within XML
Optional DigestDataLength
Optional PositionAssertion
Optional IDAttributes
Required Canonical XML 1.0 (omits comments) 1.1 tests
Required Canonical XML 1.1 (omits comments) 1.1 tests for c14n, but unknown if the test is inclusive or exclusive
Required Exclusive XML Canonicalization 1.0 (omits comments) 1.1 tests for c14n, but unknown if the test omits comments
Recommended Canonical XML 1.0 with Comments
Recommended Canonical XML 1.1 with Comments
Recommended Exclusive XML Canonicalization 1.0 with Comments
Required base64
Required Enveloped Signature
Recommended XPath 1.1 tests
Recommended XPath Filter 2.0
Optional XSLT
Core Validation Interoperability (4.3)
  1. Capability to check each Reference to to see if the data object matches with the expected data object.
  2. The cryptographic signature validation of the signature calculated over SignedInfo.
  3. Reference validation, the verification of the digest contained in each Reference in SignedInfo.
Algorithms (Message Digests)

10.1.1 SHA-1 1.1 Tests

10.1.2 SHA-256 1.1 Tests

10.1.3 SHA-384 1.1 Tests

10.1.4 SHA-512 1.1 Tests
Algorithms ( Message Authentication Codes )

10.2.1 HMAC 1.1 Tests
Algorithms ( Signature Algorithms)

10.3.1 DSA 1.1 Tests

10.3.2 RSA (PKCS#1 v1.5) 1.1 Tests

10.3.3 ECDSA 1.1 Tests
Algorithms (Canonicalization Algorithms)

10.4.1 Canonical XML 2.0 Needs Development
Algorithms (The Transform Algorithm)

10.5 The Transform Algorithm Needs Development

Section Specification 1.1 Tests Needs Development
XML Signature Streaming Profile of XPath 1.0
2. Streamable One pass Streaming Needs Development

Author: Gerald Edgar
Date: April 11, 2011