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ACTION-320: Draft language for HMAC section, 6.3.1

From: Brian LaMacchia <bal@exchange.microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 17:19:06 +0000
To: "public-xmlsec@w3.org" <public-xmlsec@w3.org>
Message-ID: <03703CBF081F9E4CA49CF5FF131362E60D539E2E@DF-M14-05.exchange.corp.microsoft.com>

Also as part of revision 1.73 of xmldsig-core-11\Overview.htm, I made the edits to Section 6.3.1 to resolve ACTION-320.  Specifically, I updated the language for HMAC to read as follows:

The HMAC<http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2104.txt> algorithm (RFC2104 [HMAC]) takes the output (truncation) length in bits as a parameter; this specification REQUIRES that the truncation length be a multiple of 8 (i.e. fall on a byte boundary) because Base64 encoding operates on full bytes.

The part in bold (after the semicolon) is the new language to resolve the bit-vs-byte problem.

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