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Re: testcases shortname

From: Sean Mullan <Sean.Mullan@Sun.COM>
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 10:36:16 -0500
To: Frederick Hirsch <frederick.hirsch@nokia.com>
Cc: XMLSec XMLSec <public-xmlsec-maintwg@w3.org>, Thomas Roessler <tlr@w3.org>
Message-id: <47AB2570.40601@sun.com>

Frederick Hirsch wrote:
> How about "xmlsig2ed-interop-tests" for shortname for test case document.
> Thomas suggested this since this clarifies 2nd edition, not whole new 
> version of xmlsig.
> Makes sense to me

I was thinking a little bit more about this.
My intuitive feeling is that the shortname used should be consistent 
with the shortname of the XML Signature 2nd edition recommendation, 
which is currently "xmldsig-core". So if we used the shortname above, I 
think we should also change the shortname of the spec to "xmlsig2ed-core".

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