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Comment for the latest Working Draft of Encryption 1.1

From: Satoru Kanno <kanno.satoru@po.ntts.co.jp>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 13:20:02 +0900
Message-ID: <4BA1A9F2.80307@po.ntts.co.jp>
To: public-xmlsec-comments@w3.org
CC: kanda.masayuki@lab.ntt.co.jp
Hi, Folks

We have a comment for the latest Working Draft of Encryption 1.1.

We strongly think that the Camellia cipher should be adopted
by not only Cross-Reference but also XML Encryption 1.1.
Because the Camellia cipher is described in RFC4051, which is Standard
track RFC.

Does this have any problems?

Of course, current Cross-Reference document already includes the
Camellia cipher.

For your information, Camellia has been already adopted in TLS,
IPsec, S/MIME, OpenPGPG, Kerberos (plans), and other standards.
In addition, as open source software, Camellia is loaded to OpenSSL,
Firefox, Linux, FreeBSD, MIT Kerberos KRB5 (scheduled), and so on.
For more information on Camellia cipher, please see at;

Best regards,

Satoru Kanno

Security Business Unit
Mobile and Security Solution Business Group
NTT Software Corporation

e-mail: kanno.satoru@po.ntts.co.jp
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