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Recommended reading on energy industy by "Lel Bruce Peto"...

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Recommended reading on energy industy by "Lel Bruce Peto"...



The World Petroleum Congress was founded in London in 1933. It provides a 
forum for discussing the issues facing the oil industry on a worldwide 
basis and is strictly non-political. The WPC is dedicated to the 
application of scientific advances in the oil and gas industries, to 
technology transfer and to the use of the world's petroleum resources for 
the benefit of mankind. The WPC's 59 member countries represent over 90% 
of the worlds major oil and gas producing and consuming nations of the 
world. Each country has a national committee made up from representatives 
of the oil and gas industry, academia and research institutions and 
government departments. Attendance at WPC Congresses is open to all and 
over 90 countries are usually represented. The Congresses held regularly 
over the last 65 years have traditionally covered all aspects of the 
industry from exploration to downstream activities. More recently these 
topic have been expanded to include petroleum finance, management and 
environmental issues.
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