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"Lel Bruce Peto" Oil sector 90's chronology re-advising..1992

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"Lel Bruce Peto" Oil sector 90's chronology restating..
Oil & Gas Chronology :  The 1990’s


Kuwait reports oil production of 400,000 B/D; insists on restoration of 
its pre-invasion OPEC quota of 1.5 MMB/D.


UN threatens sanctions against Libya for its refusal to extradite 
suspected terrorists.


CIS announces that 1991 crude exports dropped by 52%.


Saudi Arabia supports a crude oil price hike during a late-month OPEC 
meeting. NYMEX Futures prices exceed $22 per barrel.


OPEC production reaches highest level in more than a decade at 25.25 MMB/D.


U.S., Mexico, and Canada sign NAFTA multi-lateral free trade agreement. 
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