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RE: Iteration position and size

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Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 10:46:48 -0500
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In our implementation, only p:for-each and p:viewport affect the value
of p:iteration-position() and p:iteration-size(). The other built-in
steps use whatever value they inherit. I seem to recall I asked about
this some (long) time ago. I will try to find that e-mail message.


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> Subject: Iteration position and size
> The spec says:
>   In the context of a p:for-each or a p:viewport, the
>   p:iteration-position function reports the position of the document
>   being processed in the sequence of documents that will be processed.
>   In the context of other standard XProc compound steps, it returns 1.
> But test viewport-005 checks the position inside a p:choose where we
> clearly expect the value not to be reset. For which other steps do we
> expect the value not to be changed? try/catch? group? 
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