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Re: Exclude prefixes on p:inline

From: Erik Bruchez <ebruchez@orbeon.com>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 16:24:10 -0700
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I just looked at this, as I was thinking this could be useful for  
inline XForms instances as well.

I have a few comments/questions:

* The XProc namespace is excluded automatically. Is it correct to say  
that if I want to pass an inline pipeline definition to a processor,  
which uses the same prefix as the enclosing pipeline, then I can  
redefine the namespace on the root element of the inline document? Or,  
do I even have to do that?

* Related: the text doesn't seem to say what happens if you exclude a  
prefix, and that prefix turns out to be used as element or attribute  
prefix. Should it be an error? Or is the prefix not excluded? It seems  
that XSLT says there is namespace fixup taking place. Maybe the same  
needs to be said here.

A little example to try to understand this:

   <p:foo bar="p:gaga1">
     <gigi bar="p:gaga2"/>

What happens with this?

* Is it expected to work at all?
* Can the attribute value p:gaga1 be resolved by the recipient of the  
* Can the attribute value p:gaga2 be resolved by the recipient of the  
document? I.e. if ns fixup occurs, does it only apply to p:foo?


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