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Remarks on W3C Editor's Draft 24 January 2008 ( part III)

From: Innovimax SARL <innovimax@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 23:58:10 +0100
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To: "XProc WG" <public-xml-processing-model-wg@w3.org>

In 2.3 Primary Inputs and Outputs

Please precise explicitely that we cannot have more than one primary input
or more than one primary output


Idem for 2.5 Parameters


s/If the pipeline declares another port named "parameters",/If the pipeline
declares another (non parameter) port named "parameters",/

s/to parameters accepted by the p:pipeline is/to parameters accepted by the
p:pipeline or p:declare-step is/
s/The attribute xpath-version may be used on p:pipeline (or p:library)/The
attribute xpath-version may be used on p:pipeline or p:declare-step (or

May be a complete checking of "p:pipeline" should be done to replace it by
"p:pipeline or p:declare-step"

 that are visible to the step
 I fear that visible is not defined


 In 2.7 Environment

 it is not clear of what happen in case of shadowed input or output port

 cannot determine will give the same result in XPath 1.0 that it would have
given if XPath 2.0 had been used
 is it possible to point to a spec for this sentence ?

 The XPath 2.0 functions and the
 please put a reference to XPath 2.0 functions and Operators
 Idem for "The XPath 2.0 functions."
In System Properties

We should define that String for XPath 1.0 is xs:string for XPath 2.0
In Step Available
Boolean should refer to xs:boolean for XPath 2.0
Integer should be defined (as number for XPath 1.0 and xs:integer for XPath

This sentence
All the step types in a pipeline must have unique names: it is a static
error (err:XS0036) if any step type name is built-in and/or declared or
defined more than once in the same scope.

is a bit troublesome : what is "in the same scope" ? it is clear that there
is a scope for "step names" but not clear for "step types".


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