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Proposal for Face-to-face Meeting in August

From: Murray Maloney <murray@muzmo.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 15:03:49 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: public-xml-processing-model-wg@w3.org
Group members,

Following up on a discussion that took place in Mandelieu, France,
I hereby offer for the group's consideration a proposal to meet
at my premises in a) the week preceding, or b) the week following
the eXtreme Markup Languages conference in August of 2006,
so as to take advantage of the fact that a number of us would be
attending the conference anyway, and my residence is two relatively
short hops away.

To be more specific, I am suggesting that we meet at my facility for
a few days prior to the conference or a few days after the conference.
Since the conference dates are Aug 7-11, I am suggesting that we
meet Aug 2-4 or Aug 14-17. Either set of dates will work for me.

My facility is located approximately two hours NNW of Toronto's
Pearson Airport. While it is a bit of a drive, I can make the route
quite simple, especially if we can coordinate our Toronto departure
so that I can lead a small convoy of vehicles. The idea is that you
would fly into Toronto Pearson on your way to or from Montreal,
and then drive on to my facility.

The facility has internet connectivity -- although not at the speeds with
which some of you are accustomed. We have four phone lines and fax.
The facility can easily accommodate an even dozen at any one of three
potential meeting tables, and more comfortably accommodate two dozen
in the lounge, the bar or around one of the two pools.

Rooms are available at a nearby (10km) resort for approximately $100/night
or at a small B&B (3.2km) for approximately $50/night. That is $CDN.
I will probably be able to put one or more of you up in the Davenport House
for the duration. Those who enjoy camping would be welcome to pitch
a tent on one of the lawns-- it has been done before.

Assuming at least three days of meetings, we might be together for up to
five nights. It has been suggested that we could have a BBQ on two or three
of those evenings. Assuming that we can get this solidified in time, I would
also arrange two evenings of entertainment. The first would be Jam Night
at a local road house, and the second would be seats at the local theater
for a bit of summer stock.

Please discuss this within the group in preparation for next week's 
Please be prepared to say whether your attendance at this meeting is 
possible or not,
and whether the dates of Aug 2-4 or Aug 14-17 affects that possibility.

If we should proceed with this, I will need to be aware of any environmental
or dietary restrictions.



P.S. My coordinates are 44 N 28' 34"  80 W 33' 08"
I am located about 12 km due south of Meaford, Ontario, Canada.
On a map of the area, you'll see Epping and Fairmount due south
from Meaford. I am between. You will also see Rocklyn. It is 3.2 km
due west of me.The resort is located in Kimberley and the B&B in Rocklyn.
Contact info to follow as appropriate.

See a map 

Zoom out to find where it is in the world.
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