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RE: Questions + comments on XProc WD 14 December 2007

From: <Toman_Vojtech@emc.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 02:49:59 -0500
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> The p:pipeline element is just syntactic sugar at this point 
> for a particular p:declare-step. I think the type attribute 
> on p:pipeline inherits the constraints given on 
> p:declare-step (though the spec is not clear on that point).
> Since the type must be in a non-null namespace, and since we 
> interpret all unqualified QName values as being in the 
> null-namespace, I think it does follow that the second 
> example above is not valid.

Actually, that was my question. It wasn't clear to me whether the value
of the type attribute of p:pipeline must be in a non-null namespace
(similar to p:declare-step). Section 4.1 does not say that - but I just
read the last couple of sentences in that section where the
transformation from p:pipeline to p:declare-step is described, and it
follows from there that type must be in a non-null namespace... So I
guess it's clear.


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