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Pointer Methods in RDF

From: Grosso, Paul <pgrosso@ptc.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 15:35:13 -0400
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The ERT WG has issued a FPWD entitled

Pointer Methods in RDF

The Abstract is:

 Access to the World Wide Web has meant access to many types
 of content, including text, documents in a variety of formats
 such as the Open Document Format (ODF) or Portable Document
 Format (PDF), audio or video clips, and, of course, Web content.
 Web content (e.g. XML, XHTML, and HTML documents), like many
 types of content, usually has a structure that allows identifying
 portions of the document in many ways.

 This specification contains a framework for representing pointers -
 entities that permit identifying a portion or segment of a piece of
 content - making use of the Resource Description Framework (RDF).
 It will also describe a number of specific types of pointers that
 permit portions of a document to be referred to in different ways.
 When referring to a specific part of, say, a piece of Web content,
 it is useful to be able to have a consistent manner by which to
 refer to a particular segment of a Web document, to have a variety
 of ways by which to refer to that same segment, and to make the
 reference robust in the face of changes to that document.

The references (which are not separated into Normative and
Informative ones--but the Status says "ERT WG does not expect 
this document to become a W3C Recommendation" so I don't know
if this matters) list the XPointer xpointer scheme (a 2002
working draft) but none of the actual XPointer Recommendations.

We should probably have someone review this to see if we have 
any comments.

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