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FW: Interop testing for dsig-core revisions, C14N 1.1

From: Grosso, Paul <pgrosso@ptc.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 11:46:33 -0400
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Is anyone from XML Core interested in attending?


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Subject: Interop testing for dsig-core revisions, C14N 1.1

Norm, Paul, Philippe, Henry,

the XML Security Specifications Maintenance WG is investigating the
possibility to do a relatively small-scale interop event in Mountain
View on 27 September, the day after the already-planned XML Security
specifications workshop.

Since this would affect a deliverable of the XML Core Working Group,
I think it would be important to have attendance from XML Core -- at
least from the Team Contact or Chair side.  I was wondering if any
of you could make it to that event.

Of course, your participation in the workshop itself would also be
valuable, and we'll try to twist your arms into submitting position
papers and joining us. ;-)

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