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XHTML Role update

From: Gregory J. Rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 14:49:52 +0000
To: public-xhtml2@w3.org
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what follows is a quick recap of the XHTML Role discussion at the last
PF WG telecon (2009-11-11)

during the course of the call, we were joined by George Kerscher and 
Markus Grylling of DAISY.  it was stressed that DAISY has always tried 
to keep strict adherence to W3C specs as a W3C member organization.  
as members of the XHTML2 WG working group know well, DAISY had been 
planning to base the next iteration of the digital talking books 
standard on XHTML2, DAISY is now searching for viable options which 
will also "mainstream" digital talking books, by providing a vocabulary 
based on a standard which can be interpreted/delivered to users via 
non-specialized technology (in other words, a browser)

since work on XHTML2 within the W3C has been halted, DAISY needs to
investigate alternate possibilities.

DAISY stressed that it was exploring 3 strategies:

 1. adopt the XHTML Role Module (continue development under PF or in 
    another open forum;

 2. DAISY defines what is missing in the absence of XHTML Role on its 
    own in its specification; drawback -- deviation from standards, 
    limited use cases due to Role being a product of the digital 
    talking book specification, rather than an independent specification
    which has great utility outside of the realm of digital talking 
    books (Role to leverage mash-ups, perform GreaseMonkey and 
    AccessMonkey type repairs, etc.)

 3. work with the HTML5 WG -- with PF working by DAISY's side -- working 
    with HTML5 WG and the new HTML A11y Task Force to specify means and 
    mechanisms of defining what is needed so that DAISY can procede in 
    HTML5; the "big gain" of the third strategy is that a good UA could 
    also serve as a DAISY reader with profound benefits for ALL readers

Markus stressed that what DAISY needs is distributed extensibility -- 
ideally, DAISY needs an XHTML family member to have hooks for 
accessibility, something which can be achieved by using the role 
attribute as defined by XHTML2 WG (extensible roles) or DAISY could 
develop a CDF namespace within or without the W3C.

the goal, as markus has stressed many times in the past, is maximum 
compatibility; want to reuse browser components in DAISY software and 
even erase the line seperating the two, so that a DTB reader is nearly 
ubiquitously available

Markus also stated that DAISY has begun to investigate @role in HTML5, 
although HTML5 is only a "highlight iteration, not a viable option now"

Markus also expressed DAISY's interest in Liam Quinn's "imaginary 
namespaces" proposal aired at TPAC 2009 -- although Liam's proposal 
has not received the attention or traction which was expected, DAISY 
could perhaps leverage its needs and membership to have the W3C further 
explore work on "imaginary namespaces"

in order to utilize HTML5 as a basis for the next iteration to DAISY, 
profound changes -- especially on the question of the use of @role in 
HTML5 and on the need for distributed extensibility. therefore, DAISY 
currently supports LiamQ's proposal, and broadening the DAISY purview
from book-centric to a more universal informational exchange and 
packaging format, with exciting possibilities in regards the 
standardization of medical records, legal records, and other such 
important and ubiquitous needs that transcend the traditional 
understanding of accessibility.  additionally, like the XHTML Role 
Module, a role attribute in HTML5 would need to support multiple 
roles on a single element.

in concluding his remarks to the PF WG, markus stressed that in order 
to facillitate expansion of roles beyond a core list of values, the 
original XHTML Role would be optimal, with a few additions to support
data formatting and exchange which are inseperable from the concept 
of a digital talking book: node or annotation reference, pagebreaks, 
footnotes, annotations, sidebars, etc.

that's a synopsis of the conversation held within PF WG so far --
markus can correct me or clarify any queries about DAISY and the 
role attribute, gregory.
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