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COMPLETED: Copy edit comments on XHTML Vocabulary Namespace doc

From: Christina Bottomley <christina.bottomley@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 12:29:37 -0400
Message-ID: <e71581570809290929w537ef578t48cb9c1c635e9769@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-xhtml2@w3.org


My apologies for sending out an incomplete version before. Here are my
complete set of copy edits:

Sections 2-3.1: Would be nice if all entries were stated consistently.
For sections 2-3.1, either capitalizing the term in the description
("Help refers to a") or cutting the term (Refers to a resource").

Section 3.1

Bookmark: "bookmark - a link" should be "bookmark—a link". A dash with
no spaces. Not a hyphen.

Chapter: Typo. "collection" is misspelled as "collction".

Help: "Help refers to a resource that offers instructional
assistance"? I hate to see a term define the same term.

Up: Change to "Up refers to a preceding resource in a hierarchically
structured set." From the MS Manual of Style for Technical
Publications: "Do not use (above) to mean earlier. Use previous,
preceding, or earlier instead."

Main: "Main indicates the main content"???

Note: "Note indicates that the content".

Section 3.2

Checkbox: "A control that has three possible values: true, false, or
mixed (tri-state)."

Combobox: "a presentation of a select" seems a bit awkward to read. "A
UI element where users can select an option from a list or type their
selection into a field"?

Description: Would suggest "references this element by using
describedby" "via" usually means something physically passing through
something else.

Grid: "columns (for example, a table)."

Group: "A group is a selection of user interface objects that would not".

Link: "and thus be a link)." Add period to end.

Log: "game log, or an error log." Add comma.

Menubar: 'A menu bar is a container".

Menuitem: "One choice in a menu. (note, that in XHTML 2.0 any element
can have an href attribute and thus be a link)."

Radio: "Only one radio control in a radiogroup can be selected at any
given time."

Region: "A region is a large, perceivable section".

Slider: "expects" is anthropomorphism. Would suggest: An input where
the user selects from a given range. This form of range takes input
from an analog keyboard interface."

Spinbutton: "A form of range with discrete choices that takes a user selection."

Status: A container that processes advisory feedback to the user."

Tabpanel: "A container for the resources associated with a tab."

Textbox: "A field where users can type free-form text."

Treegrid: "A grid with rows that can".
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