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XML Core WG Comment on CURIEs Last Call (PR#8051)

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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 09:06:39 -0500
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> Subject: Fw: Last call announcement: CURIEs
> Greetings, it appears that we failed to complete the 
> requirements of the process for the recent Last of CURIE 
> Syntax 1.0 by failing to obtain agreement to review the 
> document and provide feedback by some of the groups we 
> identified as those we would value review by. 
> That said, we are particularly interested in a review by 
> XML Core Working Group. 

Various members of the XML Core WG have reviewed the
CURIE specification at several stages of development, 
and the WG has discussed CURIEs among ourselves 
several times.

There is disagreement among the WG members about the
value of CURIEs.  While some members don't object
to them as long as it isn't claimed that a CURIE
is a namespace, others fear the similarity with
QNames will be confusing at best and possibly
problematic for certain applications and tools,
and several of us think CURIEs are a bad idea.

At this time, while most of the XML Core WG would
rather not have CURIEs continue to be proposed and
used, we have resigned ourselves to the probability
that they will go forward, and we have decided not to 
make a formal objection.  However, we would appreciate 
that our reluctance be brought to the attention of the 
W3C staff at the appropriate time in the progression of 
this specification so that no one can say that the XML
Core WG had no problems with the idea of CURIEs.

Paul Grosso
for the XML Core WG
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