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Notes from 8 August 2007 Meeting

From: Shane McCarron <shane@aptest.com>
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 09:57:26 -0500
Message-ID: <46B9D9D6.4060601@aptest.com>
To: XHTML WG <public-xhtml2@w3.org>

I am not smart enough to get RRSAgent to create minutes.... Here is a 
copy of the IRC log:

[09:00] RRSAgent: logging to http://www.w3.org/2007/08/08-xhtml-irc
[09:00] ShaneM: rrsagent, make public
[09:00] RRSAgent: I'm logging. I don't understand 'make public ', 
ShaneM.  Try /msg RRSAgent help
[09:00] *** -> -rrsagent- help
[09:00] Zakim: +ShaneM
[09:01] Zakim: +??P8
[09:02] alessio: zakim, +??P8 is Alessio
[09:02] Zakim: sorry, alessio, I do not recognize a party named '+??P8'
[09:02] alessio: zakim, +??P8 is Alessio
[09:02] Zakim: sorry, alessio, I do not recognize a party named '+??P8'
[09:02] ShaneM:  rrsagent, make record public
[09:02] Zakim: +??P9
[09:02] yamx: Zakim, +??P9 is yamx
[09:02] Zakim: sorry, yamx, I do not recognize a party named '+??P9'
[09:03] yamx: Oh!
[09:03] yamx: Zakim, +P9 is yamx
[09:03] Zakim: sorry, yamx, I do not recognize a party named '+P9'
[09:03] ShaneM:  rrsagent, make logs public
[09:03] * ShaneM gives up
[09:03] yamx: Last week, Roland failed to initiate Zakim.
[09:04] yamx: Zakim, ??P9 is yamx
[09:04] Zakim: +yamx; got it
[09:05] alessio: Zakim, ??P8 is Alessio
[09:05] Zakim: +Alessio; got it
[09:05] Roland_: Zakim, +0138687aaaa is Roland
[09:05] Zakim: +Roland; got it
[09:05] ShaneM:  rrsagent, make logs world-visible
[09:07] ShaneM:  Topic: M12N and XML Schema
[09:08] ShaneM:  Held over...
[09:08] ShaneM:  Topic: xml:base and M12N
[09:09] ShaneM:  This was discussed briefly in the last call.  There is 
a "base" element already.
[09:11] ShaneM:  Shane is afraid that adding xml:base will mean we need 
to issue a new XHTML 1.x.
[09:12] ShaneM:  Roland says we have two options: go through a rec 
process for M12N etc. or just do it in XHTML 2.
[09:12] ShaneM:  Carried forward.
[09:12] ShaneM:  Topic: XML Schema implementation for XHTML 2.0
[09:15] ShaneM:  Shane suggests that we need to take the existing schema 
implementation for xhtml m12n 1 and tweak it.
[09:15] ShaneM:  ACTION: Shane to start implementing xml schema for 
xhtml 2.0
[09:15] * RRSAgent records action 1
[09:16] ShaneM:  ACTION: Roland to respond to UWA WG and say yes, we are 
producing a schema.  We do not yet have a schedule.
[09:16] * RRSAgent records action 2
[09:16] ShaneM:  Topic: Do not deprecate the profile attribute
[09:18] Roland_: 
[09:20] Roland_: a reply was sent: 
[09:21] ShaneM:  Shane thinks that reply is accurate.
[09:21] ShaneM:  The question is: do we really want to get rid of 
profile?  GRDDL really wants to use it.  Was the original deprecation of 
it in XHTML 1 a good idea?
[09:22] ShaneM:  The profile attribute seeme to be used by the 
microformat community too
[09:23] ShaneM:  Example: http://microformats.org/wiki/xmdp-brainstorming
[09:25] ShaneM:  Shane thinks we should expand the collection of "rel" 
values to permit microformat relationship.  We should ask people who care?
[09:26] ShaneM:  Carry this forward as a future agenda item "Use cases 
for a profile attribute" or some such.
[09:27] ShaneM:  Topic: Caption positioning & binding example using 
WAI-ARIA markup
[09:27] ShaneM:  Skipped for this week.
[09:29] ShaneM:  Topic: XHTML M12N
[09:30] Roland_: 
[09:30] Roland_: Prose vs implementation
[09:31] ShaneM:  Latest draft of M12N is at: 
[09:34] ShaneM:  Who is the audience for this?  What is hanging fire?
[09:35] Roland_: 
[09:35] ShaneM:  Shane says XHTML 1.1 needs updating and needs to use 
XML Schema, and XHTML Print could use a schema implementation too.
[09:36] ShaneM:  Other topic is "what takes precedence, prose or 
[09:37] ShaneM:  Shane things prose / abstract module definitions take 
[09:41] ShaneM:  s/things/thinks/
[09:43] ShaneM:  RDFa task force is public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf@w3.org
[09:47] Zakim: -Alessio
[09:48] alessio: sorry, trying to reconnect
[09:50] Zakim: +??P0
[09:50] alessio: Zakim, ??P0 is Alessio
[09:50] Zakim: +Alessio; got it
[09:53] ShaneM:  Went over a bunch of things about our outstanding 
work.  No resolutions.
[09:54] ShaneM:  rrsagent, make minutes
[09:54] ShaneM:  RRSAgent, make minutes

[09:54] Zakim: -ShaneM
[09:55] Zakim: -Alessio
[09:55] Zakim: -yamx
[09:55] Zakim: -Roland
[09:55] Zakim: IA_XHTML2()10:00AM has ended
[09:55] Zakim: Attendees were ShaneM, yamx, Alessio, Roland
[09:55] *** yamx has signed off IRC (Quit: CHOCOA).
[09:55] *** alessio has signed off IRC (Quit: alessio).
[09:56] ShaneM:  RRSAgent, please make the minutes

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