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RE: Understanding URIs (as Generic Names or Resource Locators)

From: Peter Williams <home_pw@msn.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:12:16 -0800
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1989, which was 3 years into my first job in a university R&D group, which lasted 2 years, which meant Id gone off to Bolivia (land of Che).


In 1986-1988 I seem to remember doing structured multi-media documents (with editing even of the logical, layout and content types), for multi-mode transmission including email/fax/H323/multimode fax, and optionally in a telematic area using a document transfer access method (DTAM) - defined mostly by Seimens. A certain Professor went to the US, and came back with DARPA's latest military gizmo produced by BBN, which had added hypermedia links - which was all the rage at the time, with Apple mac and hypercard. It too prsented a metaphor of cards...(ie. full structure docs) and working the card stack felt like a production BBC system, all the rage in the UK at the time, based on custom modems for TVs. The Andrews file system resolved the document "links" (not that it ever worked, in our setting).

Came back from bolivia (with less liver than I started with), and in a unviersity someone had stuffed a web front end on the front of ldap, which was stuck on the front of X.500 directory. So, We since I was doing certs by then (based 100% on the work of others) had a cert pop up in an early web browser (since v1 certs DO HAVE a string encoding, not that its seen the light of day since that era). 


As I recall, I had to do NOTHING to make it work.


We will get there, again, yet.



lets focus not on history, But getting the scope right for the next phase, which begins in a day or two. new tone. new scope. New charter. new people.





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