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Re: issues tracking for XG final report

From: Anne Cregan <Anne.Cregan@nicta.com.au>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 13:50:00 +1100
To: Ken Laskey <klaskey@mitre.org>
Message-ID: <47940858.4080700@nicta.com.au>
CC: public-xg-urw3@w3.org

Hi Ken,

Just wanted to say that we use Tracker for the OWL-WG - it can be seen 
in action at


We have it linked directly to the OWL-WG wiki


The web interface is *very* easy to use - I reckon it's much easier than 
having to edit the wiki table as you are suggesting.
If there are going to be more than a few issues I really think it's 
worth doing, there isn't much understanding needed -
it's pretty self-explanatory to use the web interface and we can easily 
link it in to the existing wiki where appropriate.

It can also be used to open and close issues whilst on IRC, which is 
very useful, although you do need to learn a few commands to do this.
We don't necessarily need to use this feature though, we could just use 
the web interface.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth!

PS I doubly support Tracker since it is an *Australian* contribution ( 
Dean Jackson, the developer of Tracker, is an Australian based in our 
Australian W3C office!)

Ken Laskey wrote:
> I had a couple issues from the last telecon to look into the W3C 
> Tracker tool and to report back at the next telecon.  This is a 
> summary of what I found and my follow-on actions.
> Tracker (http://www.w3.org/2005/06/tracker/) looks like an exceptional 
> tool but I think it is a bit late in our work to put in the effort to 
> completely understand and make use of it.  If this was the start of 
> the XG, I would probably suggest making it part of our workflow.
> In other efforts to which I contribute, we track issues in an Excel 
> spreadsheet.  Anyone with an issue enters it into a submission 
> template and sends it to the team tracking all the issues.  This does 
> a good job of making sure issues are not lost and the resolution 
> process can be tracked.
> Given we are using the wiki, I suggest we use that as our issue 
> tracking tool instead of a spreadsheet.  As a step in this direction, 
> I added a Submitted issues and resolution 
> status link (http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/urw3/wiki/ReportIssues) under 
> the the Draft Final Report section of the wiki Front Page.  The issues 
> page shows a table with one sample issue and the Resolution Actions 
> column contains a link to a sample page showing the capture of the 
> resolution process.
> I propose we use this as our tracking tool to capture ideas and 
> concerns while the text is still in the wiki but for situations where 
> you may feel it is not best to edit the wiki directly.  After the 
> editing team moves the content to HTML, the Issues Table would be the 
> official means to enter and track issues against the Final Report.
> I will include this as an agenda item for our call next Wednesday. 
>  However, I wanted people to have a look at this prior to the meeting.
> If you have any immediate comments or suggestions, feel free to send 
> them my way.  I'll incorporate what I can prior to Wednesday.
> Ken
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> Ken Laskey
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