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URW3 Draft Report Wiki is posted

From: Paulo CG Costa <pcosta@gmu.edu>
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 00:24:27 -0200
To: public-xg-urw3@w3.org
Cc: Mitch Kokar <mkokar@vistology.com>, Trevor Martin <trevor.martin@bris.ac.uk>, Kenneth Jerry Laskey <klaskey@mitre.org>, Kathryn Blackmond Laskey <klaskey@gmu.edu>
Message-id: <D0E4D051-8B59-4013-ABD5-D757C9A33FE5@gmu.edu>
Dear All,

I have just uploaded the Wiki version of our draft report, so now  
everyone in the group can contribute with its edition.


1) HTML -> Wiki
Because of their quite distinct syntax, transforming the HTML Draft  
into a wiki was a manual process that demanded a lot of time. Even  
taking for granted that I was learning wiki syntax while editing the  
document, which certainly increased the time toll, the process was  
painfully slow. Should we had to do it on a frequent basis then we  
would definitely have to write a script for it.

2) Wiki -> HTML
In our last telecon, I was assigned with an action item for trying  
the other way around (translate wiki to HTML), but unfortunately I  
still did not have the time and opportunity to go through the scripts  
suggested by Giorgos. Nonetheless, I have the feeling that this is  
not something we want to do on a frequent basis. In other words, I  
still believe we must define a date to freeze the edition so the  
editing team can work on translating the wiki to a final HTML report.  
We will discuss this in the next telecon, but I suggest in advance  
that we set such date to at least three weeks before the XG's end.

3) Figures
I dug into moinmoin's documentation and figured out how to display  
images directly on the wiki. Basically, you have to attach a graphic  
file (say: UncertaintyTipe.png) and then simply refer to it this way:
without brackets or any other syntactical element.
You can see the result in section 3 of the wiki, which contains the  
original figures from Mitch's Uncertainty Ontology displayed.

4) Titles
When you want to enter a level 5 title, you have to insert the text  
between 5 "equal to" signs ("====="). This worked fine for all  
sections with the exception of Appendix A. I was not able to figure  
out why. Help on this is greatly appreciated.

5) Subscription
So far, only myself and Peter are subscribed to the page, which means  
only the two of us will receive an email notification when the page  
is edited. I strongly recommend everyone to subscribe to this page.

6) Anne's initial draft
Anne was the first to write a draft report in wiki format, so I just  
used her page to insert the translated draft. In order to reference  
to her initial draft, I left it in the bottom part of the page.

7) Schedule
We are getting closer to the end of our XG assignment and there is a  
lot to be done with respect to documentation. We have roughly three  
months to finish our final report, which I believe is a challenging  
task given the complexity of the subject. Thus, I'd like to ask for  
your full, proactive participation in editing the wiki. There are  
names of the editing team as coordinators in some sections, with  
their respective deadlines for finishing that section. However, this  
is just an internal assignment within the editing team to make sure  
we have a minimal configuration management, and should not restrain  
anyone from actively participating with the edition of all sections.

All the best,
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