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RE: operating and survival conditions

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Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 14:18:31 +0100
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I hope that I have understood it correctly; Can we use a part of NASA's SWEET ontology for the units of measurement?

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Subject: RE: operating and survival conditions

What is the rationale behind URLs like

http://purl.oclc.org/NET/muo/ucum/unit/temperature/degree-Celsius ?

1.  It appears that the project that set this up stopped in 2008
2.  It doesn't appear to offer any real semantic value - the RDF seems to be
confined to rdf:type information, which doesn't get you far. No definitions,
conversions, or even links to more authoritative definitions.
3.  The slash URI ultimately maps to a # URI, which implies a finite set in
a primary-resource, which is not scalable for an unbounded set like units of
measure. (Compare this with the OGC URI scheme, which allows any terminal
symbol that can be constructed following the UCUM algorithm - i.e. it
effectively delegates the detail to UCUM. )
4.  I'm a bit baffled why they call it 'ucum' but then do *not* use the
symbols defined in UCUM

I fully agree that an authoritative source of URIs for units and quantities
is required, but submit that this is a poor choice.

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Subject: operating and survival conditions

I've marked up Payam's suggestion for operating and survival conditions into
an OWL file (as an extension of the current version of the ontology).  See

I hope I've interpreted it properly.  All comments welcome - Payam, if you
see anything amiss let me know.

On the same page is an example that encodes the operating and survival
conditions for a sensor.

Both files are attached here.

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