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Observations and Measurements v2.0 is now officially available from ISO

From: Simon Cox <simon.cox@jrc.ec.europa.eu>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 16:26:39 +0200
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Follow this link 
to find the order form for O&M as a Draft International Standard (i.e.
although still labelled 'draft' it is now published and therefore citeable,
though you have to pay for it). 
The five-month ballot announced below is the standard ISO process when a
standard emerges from a technical committee, allowing the ISO membership at
large to comment before it becomes a (no longer draft) International
Note that as this was developed under a joint project arrengement with OGC,
it will be published for free, wrapped in an OGC cover, in about 1.5 months.


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From: Votes@iso.org [mailto:Votes@iso.org] 
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Subject: ISO DIS/FDIS - New Ballots - 2010-06-06

ISO DIS/FDIS - New Ballots - 2010-06-06 

Please find attached a list of ballots that have recently
ed&ballotTypes=typeGroupDisFdis> been opened for voting. 

Document	 Committee	 Vote in parallel	 Close of voting

=137082> 19156 	ISO/TC 211 		2010-11-04 	
Geographic information -- Observations and measurements 	

The ISO Draft and Final Draft International Standards listed in this
notification are copyright-protected by ISO. Reproduction of any of these
documents shall comply with the instructions given in the copyright notice
that appears on the inside front cover page of each document. 
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