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Re: [ExternalEmail] Re: ISSUE-2 (All processes are systems): All processes are systems [sensor ontology - http://mmisw.org/orr/#http://www.w3.org/2009/SSN-XG/Ontologies/SensorBasis.owl - 09.12.15 ]

From: Michael Compton <Michael.Compton@csiro.au>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 15:09:07 +1100
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To: <fano.ramparany@orange-ftgroup.com>
Hi Fano,

Thanks for the comments - sorry for not addressing this sooner  

It seems that actuators could be added to the ontology, though are  
they sub concepts of sensor?  I don't really know anything about their  
modelling, but I would have expected perhaps actuation to be a process  
and actingdevice to be a device, but I don't understand why they  
should be sub concepts of the sensing concepts.  Maybe an actingdevice  
is a device that might have sensors attached to it, and so sometimes  
it is both a sensing device and an actingdevice, but aren't there also  
things that are just actuators, where the sensing and decision making  
are made elsewhere and the device only does some movement or turns  
something on?

In any case, the two concepts should be related closely enough that a  
system (or device) could be described that contains both.

Please explain further how we can describe actuators (and how this  
fits in with the other working group you are involved in) in the  


On 19/01/2010, at 20:25 , fano.ramparany@orange-ftgroup.com wrote:

> I agree with the ontology. I would suggest the addition of the  
> concepts (classes) actuator (as sibling of sensor), actingdevice (as  
> sibling of sensingdevice) and configuration parameter (as sibling of  
> input and output, or as a subclass of input)
> Fano
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