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Timeslot(s) for telephone conferences

From: <Holger.Neuhaus@csiro.au>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 16:13:53 +1000
To: <public-xg-ssn@w3.org>
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Hi all,

With the end of daylight saving time in the northern hemisphere (ends in Europe 25 October; ends in the USA on 1 November - if I dug up the dates correctly from the web) and the start of daylight saving time in parts of the southern hemisphere (starts in (parts of) Australia on 4 October), we will have to find new timeslots for our weekly telephone conferences. Given that the west coast US and east coast will be Australia 19 h apart after the end of daylight saving in the US, it's no longer possible to have an "open-to the-whole-world-time" like we do in 'week b' (currently, the difference between west US and east Oz is 17 hours).

So, we need to decide where to "put the night (midnight - 6 am)" for our telecons. My suggestion is to put it between Korea and Europe (UTC 21:00), resulting in the following times after above changes in DST:

UTC 21:00 5 October:
= 06:00 +1 day, Korea
= 08:00 +1 day, Eastern Australia
= 23:00, Central Europe
= 22:00, UK and Ireland
= 17:00, Eastern US
= 14:00, Western US

UTC 21:00 26 October:
= 06:00 +1 day, Korea
= 08:00 +1 day, Eastern Australia
= 22:00, Central Europe
= 21:00, UK and Ireland
= 17:00, Eastern US
= 14:00, Western US

UTC 21:00 2 November:
= 06:00 +1 day, Korea
= 08:00 +1 day, Eastern Australia
= 23:00, Central Europe
= 22:00, UK and Ireland
= 16:00, Eastern US
= 13:00, Western US

Unfortunately, I don't see any other options without locking members out (which should be out of the question). What needs to be decided now is which day of the week to choose for the telecons.

I'm open for suggestions; let's discuss this in 14 hours...


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