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Fwd: Special Report on Social Networking from the Economist

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Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 16:16:10 +0000
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Hi All, 

This was posted to the public-egov website.

Looks interesting and is available to download form their website. 


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> Subject: Special Report on Social Networking from the Economist
> Hello all,
> Just wanted to share some information.  The January 30th edition of The Economist contains a special report on social networking.  The report is available on-line for download at http://www.economist.com/members/survey_paybarrier.cfm?issue=20100130&surveyCode=NA
> The following are links to the individual stories:
> A world of connections Online social networks are changing the way people communicate, work and play, and mostly for the better, says Martin Giles
> Why social networks have grown so fast
> Twitter’s transmitters The magic of 140 characters
> Profiting from social networks Social networks have a better chance of making money than their critics think
> Small businesses and social networks Small businesses are using networks to become bigger
> Yammering away at the office A distraction or a bonus?
> Social contracts The smart way to hire workers
> Privacy 2.0 Give a little, take a little
> The future of social networking
> Sources and acknowledgments
> Martin Giles,  US technology correspondent, on the uses and business models of Twitter and Facebook (audio)
> Cheers,
> Brian

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